Early Childhood Development

Palestinian children suffer from disadvantages that get in the way of their development. Despite more global awareness about the importance of early childhood development, only one-third of all Palestinian four and five year-olds in the West Bank and Gaza are enrolled in preschool.

ANERA’s ECD Initiatives Benefit More than Preschools

ANERA is investing in upgrading preschools, training teachers, producing resources, and addressing wider issues by leading the way in developing a national early childhood development strategy in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to contributions from individuals and educational foundations around the world, we repair and improve school infrastructure to create safe learning environments. We map out preschool teaching methods to focus on the child. Recognizing that education goes beyond the classroom we also establish special reading corners in community centers and encourage parents to get more involved in their children’s education.

What is early childhood development (ECD)?

ECD involves a child’s holistic development, including cognitive, social, emotional and physical. The earliest months and years of life are considered the most important developmental phase in the human lifespan. A key to building a vibrant, generous society is providing children the tools for critical thinking, tolerance and understanding, as well as nurturing respect for our differences and the basic rights of others.

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