5 Things Anera is Doing to Help Gaza

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Once again, the world is looking at tiny Gaza as it copes with more bloodshed and anguish. For Anera’s community of supporters, the news is a call to action to do something for the Palestinians of Gaza who are caught up in a situation that is hard for most people to fathom. With generous donor funds, Anera’s on-the-ground Gaza staff has responded with versatility and resourcefulness to get help where it is most needed. Below are five areas where the Anera community of supporters is making a difference in Gaza.

1. Immediately responding to emergency medical needs

Anera’s Gaza staff delivering boxes of blood bags and bood testing kits to Gaza’s sole blood bank.

Over the past week, our staff has purchased and delivered blood kits, antibiotics and anesthesia. These are high quality, costly items that are depleted quickly when hospitals are treating injuries. They are in huge demand and Anera donors are unique in responding rapidly to those needs.

2. Replenishing medicine stocks at charitable medical facilities

Dr. Manal Abu Jiban treats baby Kinan, using medicine distributed as part of Anera’s in-kind medical aid program.

An ongoing part of Anera’s work in Gaza is to keep hospitals and clinics stocked with medicines of all kinds, from acid re flux pills to medicines for chronic conditions. Donated supplies mean that patients can get vital treatment and health facilities can spend scarce financial resources on staff salaries or infrastructure improvements.

3. Providing people with rehabilitation & special needs services

Students of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza.

Anera staff is discussing with international donors and local partners the medium and longer term needs for rehabilitation, including psycho-social interventions. Our donor community has long supported Anera’s work with organizations helping people with disabilities in Gaza. It is through these kinds of connections that Anera reaches families coping with injuries and loss.

4. Delivering food parcels

A delivery of Anera Ramadan food packages in Gaza.

Recent events in Gaza coincided with the advent of Ramadan, normally a time of love and charity toward others. Anera donors have expressed their love and concern by delivering packages filled with a month’s worth of nutritious foods to 2,000 vulnerable Gaza families.

5. Building better lives

A large water reservoir in the Shokat As Sufi neighborhood in Rafah is almost halfway done. Together with a booster station and 3km of pipes, it will distribute a steady supply of domestic water to 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza.

In the meantime, Anera’s development work continues to rebuild communities across Gaza, despite the politics that can sometimes constrict progress. Some of Anera’s recent work includes building new infrastructure like reservoirs, schools, sewage systems and community centers; training preschool teachers in active learning techniques; installing greenhouses, irrigation systems and new plantings on small family plots of land; and supporting women’s empowerment with equipment and training for cooperatives.


It is easy to feel frustrated at what seems an intractable political situation. But for 50 years, Anera has navigated the politics that constrict progress, to get help where it is needed most. Working together with you, we are able to get medicine, emergency food and supplies to communities and patients in Gaza who need it. We bring Palestinian youth back into the classroom and the job market, build new spaces for families to play and learn, and help people expand their use of limited resources, such as land, water and recyclables.

Your donations make our work in Gaza possible. Please give to continue this important work.




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