Anera Statement on Israeli Annexation of Palestinian Lands

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Anera is gravely concerned about Israeli annexation implications for Palestinian livelihoods, health, food security and resource management.

The June 1967 Arab-Israeli war resulted in Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, among other territories. Today, Israel is making moves to formally annex some of these illegally occupied lands, including potentially all the major Jewish Israeli settlements and the Jordan Valley, encompassing up to 30 percent of the West Bank. This annexation could come as soon as July 1, 2020.

Anera was founded to address the needs of Palestinian refugees created by the 1967 war. We are not an advocacy or political organization. However, as a humanitarian and development organization committed to working with and on behalf of affected Palestinian communities, we are gravely concerned about the implications of annexation on Palestinian livelihoods, health, food security, economic development and resource management.

Palestinians are already sharply constrained in their ability to access and manage their resources. Many point out that annexation would not significantly change the status quo of Israel’s de facto control over all the West Bank’s land, water, movement, power, communications and markets. But it would deprive the Palestinians of human rights without hope of improvement, relegating them to a permanent status of dependency. The loss of more territory will further fragment and isolate Palestinian lands in the West Bank, and leave the Palestinian people with reduced hope and opportunity to live with dignity, purpose, prosperity and security. And that will not be good for Palestinians, for peace, nor, ultimately, for Israelis and Israel. 

Anera will remain committed to delivering relief and development programs in Palestinian communities and refugee camps throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. 



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