Hand Crank Lights Illuminate During Hard Times in Lebanon

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Anera field coordinator Manal Al Romoh shares a moment with a family making use of one of the hand crank lights generously donated by U-Light and distributed by Anera to a few of the many families now unable to access electricity in Lebanon. These emergency lights ensure that families can safely navigate their homes at night and still have illumination to read and study.



As you prepare your breakfast, think of others (do not forget the pigeon’s food). – Mahmoud Darwish Recipes passed down through family often hold special meaning. Sumaya, a farmer in Deir Al Balah, cooks vegetables grown in her Anera-built greenhouse….

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World Refugee Day 2022 In 2022, there are more than 7 million Palestinian refugees. Over one million of these refugees live in refugee camps, where the conditions are bleak and often lack access to essential resources such as clean water…

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In this short film, we meet three generations of individuals who live under the Gaza blockade. One by one, they give powerful testimonies.

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