Delivery of PPE to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

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In Gaza, Anera’s medical donations team delivered COVID-19 emergency medicines 💊 and PPE 😷 to Shifa Hospital. These deliveries are vital with coronavirus cases rising in Gaza. Thank you 🙏🏽 Ray of Light Foundation for the funding that made this vital purchase possible.



Palestinians struggle to receive adequate healthcare due to strains on their system such as unemployment, utilities & poverty. See how you and Anera can help!

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We will update this log regularly to provide an ongoing report back to donors on the ways Anera is responding during this COVID-19 crisis. We will also be providing occasional updates about conditions on the ground and our staff. Please…

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Anera is working with partners like Muslim Aid, to repair damaged homes in Beirut, Lebanon. On August 4, 2020 at around 6 PM local time, a pair of explosions rocked Beirut, Lebanon’s capital. In a city of 1.9 million, at…

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