World Cancer Day 2024

World Cancer Day is an international day recognized on February 4 with the primary goal of reducing the number of deaths from cancer by raising cancer awareness, encouraging its prevention and promoting its detection and treatment. The day was created by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) on February 4th, 2000, at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris.

In the countries where Anera works, access to adequate healthcare is a challenge for most. Receiving life-saving cancer treatment and medicines is almost unattainable – especially in vulnerable or refugee communities. Anera’s medical donations team recognizes the struggles cancer patients face in Palestine and Lebanon and works closely with our healthcare partners to procure critical medications for the fight against cancer.

Closing the Care Gap – World Cancer Day 2024

This year, the theme of the Day is closing the care gap. Half of the global population has no access to cancer care, despite the medical advances that make treatment more effective than ever for those who can access it.

In Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan, the financial cost of cancer treatments prohibit many from receiving life-saving care. Meanwhile, continued geo-political conflicts destabilize the resources and infrastructure available for care, often disrupting treatments in the process. In Gaza right now, where Israel has imposed a blockade on aid and fuel, the over 2,000 cancer patients are in catastrophic pain with no end in sight. Vital medicines have long run out and treatments such as chemotherapy are now unheard of. Many face a choice of whether to stay in one of the few remaining hospitals for basic clinical care, or spend their final days with their family. 

In Sandra Rasheed’s perspective piece, she describes her own difficulties finding breast cancer treatment in the West Bank, due to both violence and cost. In Palestine, the mortality rate of breast cancer is more than 50%. 

In the last year, Anera has distributed medications and resources for cancer treatment to Gaza and Lebanon. With help from International Health Partners, Anera was able to provide bortezomib medicine to the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, the main treatment center for cancer in Gaza. Before this shipment, the hospital had gone two months without any chemotherapy pharmacy supplies. With a donation from the Catholic Medical Mission Board, Anera was able to distribute 9,100 much-needed medical safety gowns and accessories across Lebanon. And, through a generous donation from Direct Relief, Anera provided 9,200 treatments of more than five types of anticancer medications to Karantina Public Hospital in Beirut, the Tripoli Public Hospital in the North, and the Nabatieh Public Hospital in Nabatieh Governorate.

Vital Cancer Medicines for Gaza

Treating cancer patients in Gaza was fraught with challenges before the war, from a shortage of appropriate medicines to life-threatening delays in transferring cancer patients to hospitals outside Gaza.

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Safety Gear for Nurses and Cancer Patients in Lebanon

Preparing and administering chemotherapy drugs to cancer patients requires special protective gear for both nurses and patients. In Lebanon, procuring safety gowns has become a great financial burden on health centers.

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A nurse wearing personal protective equipment that Anera provided to the Baalbek Governmental Hospital

A Race Against the Clock For Cancer Patients in Lebanon

A vital medical aid shipment donated by Direct Relief and distributed by Anera is helping thousands of vulnerable patients begin or continue treatment.

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Fadela in her hospital bed.

Getting Cancer Medications and Treatment to Where They are Needed Most – World Cancer Day 2023

Lebanon’s Crisis Impacts Cancer Patients Amid Medicine Shortages

Working closely with local establishments in Lebanon, Anera’s team delivers essential medications to those who need it most.

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Donated Medicine Helps Gaza Cancer Patients Get Treatment at Home

Anera recently distributed chemotherapy medicine to Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

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Donated chemotherapy meds in the Shifa Hospital pharmacy

Donated Cancer Medicines Help Save Lives in Lebanon

Anera has been able to distribute a substantial supply of anti-cancer and insulin medications. The medications are an essential part of a new biological therapy for cancers like melanoma, leukemia, and solid tumor cancers such as lung cancer.

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Relieving Pain in Cancer Patients

Rana Yamout, pain and palliative care specialist at Naif Cancer Center at AUBMC in Lebanon talks about the importance of cancer medicine donations and how vital they are for their patients.

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Thuraya with her mask on
Thuraya is able to receive chemotherapy treatment in Lebanon thanks to medical donations from Anera.

World Cancer Day 2022

So far in Anera’s fiscal year for 2022, the medical donations team has received 6 shipments containing anticancer medication. These shipments would not be possible without the support and donations from Direct Relief, International Health Partners, and Hikma Pharmaceuticals. Beneficiaries of these cancer medications have been the Ministry of Health in the West Bank, Shifa Hospital in Gaza and the Health Care Society in Lebanon.

Cancer Medicines Delivered and Their Practical Usage

Hydroxyurea Cureaml – can be used for cancer and sickle cell.
Cyramza (Ramucirumab) – a monoclonal antibody developed for the treatment of solid tumors.

Capecitabine – used to treat breast, colon or rectal cancer.
Cyclophosphamide – used to treat cancer of the ovaries, breast, blood and lymph system and nerves.

West Bank:
Nintedanib – used for chemotherapy for lung cancer.



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