Anera in the News



55 Palestinian Children Graduate in Jericho and Ramallah [Arabic]

Graduation ceremonies were held for 55 Palestinian children who graduated from West Bank kindergartens that Anera renovated and equipped. Read more at Al Watan.


Interview: Inside Anera’s Projects in Palestine

The Jerusalem Fund’s Palestine Center sat down and had an in-depth conversation with with two infrastructure development experts from Anera’s West Bank offices. Read more at the Jerusalem Fund.


Launch of Treated Wastewater Irrigation Project in the West Bank [Arabic]

Al Quds covers the launch of a new treated wastewater irrigation project to aid West Bank farmers. Read more at Al Quds.


Jizreel Valley Water Reuse and Distribution Network Opens [Arabic]

The recent inauguration of a wastewater irrigation project helps West Bank farmers with limited resources. Read more at Sawa News.


Inaugurating the Jizreel Valley Water Reuse and Distribution Network [Arabic]

Wafa Palestinian News & Info Agency covers the grand opening of a water reuse and distribution project in the West Bank. Read more at Wafa.


The Survivor’s Guide to Gaza

Dateline SBS talks to a mother using a greenhouse and solar cooker to provide for her family in Gaza. Watch it at Dateline SBS.


Syrian Girls Play Soccer for Peace in North Lebanon [Arabic]

Al Hurra reports on a youth athletic program for refugee girls in Lebanon. Watch the report on YouTube.


Playgrounds and Parenting from Virginia to Palestine

A personal story of how playgrounds shape children’s lives, especially in places with poverty and violence. Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


Dear Gaza: Minneapolis Artists and Musicians Gather to Fundraise at Annual Block Party

Singer-songwriter Maria Isa talks about her passion for Palestine and the upcoming Gaza fundraiser. Read the full story at Pollen Midwest.


FMEP: Report from the Field

Anera President Bill Corcoran reports back from his trip to the field, assessing the situation in Gaza and the West Bank. Read the story at the Foundation for Middle East Peace.


My Journey from Middle East Refugee to Fashion Designer

Fashion designer Celine Semaan Vernon writes about her personal story and her partnership with Anera. Read the story at Refinery29.


Anera Continues Support for Farmers in Al Mawasi [Arabic]

Anera President Bill Corcoran visits the project sites of Anera’s agricultural land reclamation project in Khan Younis, Gaza. Read the story on Alwatan Voice and Al-Ayyam.


Fixing Broken Promises of City Life

Health risks are high when refugees move in huge numbers to new locations. Anera health and in-kind manager Dima Zayat discusses the situation in Lebanon. Read the full article in the Novo Nordisk TBL Quarterly.


6 Facts about Life in Lebanon for Palestinian Refugees

High unemployment is first on this list of 6 horrible facts about living conditions for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which uses Anera’s 2012 refugeereport as a reference. Read the full list on StepFeed.


Interview with Arab Voice

Anera President Bill Corcoran talks to Arab Voices in Houston about Anera’s programming and the situation on the ground for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. Listen to the full interview on Arab Voices.


Recycling for Survival in Gaza

Rania Elhelo, Anera communications officer in Gaza, pens an op-ed about the ingenuity of people in Gaza who are recycling for economic reasons to cope with the 10-year blockade. Read the full article on Mondoweiss.


Interview with Bill Corcoran about the Refugee Crisis in Lebanon

An interview with Anera President Bill Corcoran about the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on Lebanon, and what this means for the stability of the country and the 400,000+ Palestinian refugees also residing there. Read the full interview on NOW Media.


DIYAFA Association Launches Website in Lebanon [Arabic]

The DIYAFA Association, a rural tourism network in Lebanon implemented in part by Anera, launches its website and hosts a ceremony attended by Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism, Michel Pharaon. Watch on The Lebanese Broadcast Corporation.


Anera Partners with El Quds Society to Restore Land [Arabic]

In Khan Younis, Anera partnered with El Quds Society to reclaim 360 dunums (88 acres) of farmland. Read the story on The Palestinian Information Center or Alwatan Voice.


Anera’s Rania Elhelo on Palestine TV [Arabic]

High unemployment is first on this list of 6 horrible facts about living conditions for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which uses Anera’s 2012 refugeereport as a reference. Read the full list on StepFeed.


Farmer to Farmer Initiative in Gaza [Arabic]

An article about farmers in the land restoration program who are sharing their produce with poor families displaced in the 2014 bombings. Read the full story on Alwatan Voice.


Distribution of Potato Seeds in Khan Younis [Arabic]

Reports on Anera’s agriculture project in Al Mawasi, Gaza and the distribution of potato plants to farmers in the program. Read the full story on Alwatan Voice or on Al Ayyam.