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We Run Together for a Better Tomorrow [Arabic]

Anera, with UNICEF and local partners, organized a race in the Tyre area of Lebanon for more than 500 Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian youths as part of a program promoting skills development for young people affected by the Syrian crisis. Read more in Sports-Leb.


Art and Community on Display at New Gallery in Bay Ridge

Anera's partnership with fashion activist, designer and former Lebanese refugee Celine Semaan of Slow Factory is spotlighted at an exhibit of her "dignity key" line in New York. Read more in BKLYNER.


Ministry of Education, Anera and Sukhtian Foundation Sign Agreement [Arabic]

Early childhood development is a cornerstone of Anera's education work. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sukhtian Foundation, Anera will build additional school facilities and train teachers. Read more in Maan News.


ROTA and Anera Launch Project to Update Sports Facilities for Refugees [Arabic]

The sports for development initiative aims to give young people from refugee communities a recreational outlet and a chance to forge ties with the host community. Read more about Anera's partnership with Reach Out to Asia in Al-Sharq.


Anera Lays Foundation Stone for New Waste Disposal Plant in Mashha [Arabic]

Anera's solid waste management program is transforming refugee camps and vulnerable communities in Lebanon by implementing a local response to the national trash crisis. Read more in Addiyar.


Anera's Football Championship [Arabic]

Anera's football program for Syrian refugees, implemented in partnership with UNICEF and with funding from the governments of Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, culminates with a championship game in Akkar, Lebanon. Read more at An-Nahar. 


'Slow Fashion' Designer Takes Aim at Trump's Travel Ban

"Activism has been the focus of Celine Semaan's fashion business for years. Now she's using her creations for political protest." Read how a fashion designer and Anera partner is using fashion activism to help refugees at CNN.


This Designer (and Former Refugee) is Protesting Immigration Ban with Fashion

A profile of Anera partner Celine Semaan explores how fashion and design can be used for philanthropy—in this case, to help Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Read more at Co.Design. 


A Rayan of Hope

Anera's partner in sports for peace and development, streetfootballworld, takes a look at a young Syrian girl named Rayan and how football has changed her life and given her freedom. Read more at streetfootballworld.


Festival for Youth Affected by the Syrian Crisis [Arabic]

Akkar is home to one of the largest Syrian refugee populations in Lebanon. It's also one of the country's poorest regions. Read about how a festival aims to give youth recreational outlets and forge links with the host community at An-Nahar.


Gaza Unplugged: Daily Life, Refugee Services, and Rock Music

Anera's Rania Elhelo of Gaza sits down for an in-depth podcast on what everyday life is like amid the Gaza electricity crisis, with only a few hours of light per day. Listen to the "Peacecast" at Americans for Peace Now. 


50 Years Later

On the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Anera president and CEO Bill Corcoran discusses what's changed and what's stayed  the same for Palestinians. Read more at Huffington Post.


Slow Factory Heals the World with Fashion

Designer Celine Semaan hopes to shed light on humanitarian crises through a line of refugee-inspired "Dignity Keys" — and partnering with Anera. Read more in Daily News Egypt. 


Interfaith Dinner Promotes Unity, Aids Refugees

A look behind-the-scenes at one of Anera's regional fundraising events, promoting interfaith unity and solidarity with refugees. Read more at Richmond Magazine.


I Got Covered in Stars at Slow Factory

A look at how Anera partner Slow Factory is using fashion activism to do good in the world. It's an initiative started by designer and former refugee Celine Semaan. Read more at A Plus.


Ramadan Football Match in Ein El Hilweh Camp [Arabic]

The new football season opens with a match taking place on a brand new sports field, built by Anera in Ein El Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Read more at Al Watan Voice.


How Your Solidarity Means the World to Refugees

Many refugees are celebrating Ramadan this year without their homes, families, and basic necessities like food, water and electricity. Read more at Huffington Post.


Environmental Hike for Youth in Akkar [Arabic]

In the mountains of Akkar, Lebanon, Anera led a group on a hike, nature activities and yoga to build community among young Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese. Read more at An-Nahar.


Youth Sports for Development in Fneidek, Lebanon [Arabic]

A brief news report highlights Anera's sports for development program engaging refugee and local youth in Fneidek. Read more at NNA Lebanon.


The Powerful Message Behind These "Banned" Scarves

How "socially conscious" merchandise has the power to help refugees and make a statement in today's political climate. Read more at Refinery29.


Chess Competition for Syrian Refugee Youth [Arabic]

In Lebanon, Anera partnered with UNICEF to host a chess competition for Syrian refugee youth. The message was "together against violence." Read more at Al Watan Voice.


In Lebanon, Zumba in Women's Prison [Arabic]

Women in a prison in Lebanon learned Zumba in a recreational class offered in cooperation with Anera's on-the-ground staff. Read more at LBC Group.


Helping to Build a Brighter Future for Palestinian Preschoolers

Anera's Education Program Manager in Ramallah talks to Theirworld about early childhood development in Palestine and how 90% of brain development happens before the age of five. Read more at Theirworld. 


Refugee Designer Shines a Light on Global Issues

Lebanese designer Céline Semaan speaks with the New York Times on fashion activism, her line Slow Factory, and why she chooses to help refugees by donating to Anera. Read more at the New York Times. 


This Water Day, Think of Gaza

An op-ed by Bill Corcoran discusses the challenges of accessing clean water in Gaza—where over 90% of water is unfit for human consumption. Read more at Huffington Post. 


Engaged at 15: How Early Marriage Holds Girls Back in Palestine

When girls marry early, they are more likely to drop out of school and miss out on completing even a basic level of education. Places where early marriage is more prevalent have higher rates of illiteracy, especially among women. Read more at Medium.


Women and Girl Refugees: Meeting the Needs of the Most Vulnerable in Times of Crisis

“Poverty, it is said, has a woman’s face. The same can be said for the world’s refugees and displaced. Women (and girls) disproportionately bear the brunt of conflict and natural disaster.” Read more at Medium.


Refugees are Losing Hope

Refugees are normal people. But in today’s political climate, many of them are losing hope. Read more at Muftah.


See How these 8 Refugees are Following their Passion for Beauty

A collection of portraits focuses on young girls living in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon, as well as the hopes and dreams they have cultivated through education. Read more at Teen Vogue.


Born in Gaza, Born in the USA

“I hope that one day, my daughters can visit Gaza. I can’t help but wonder what their lives would be like if they were born where I was.” Read more at Huffington Post.


Almost One Million Syrian Children Can’t Go to School

“Education for all” is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and is a fundamental right under the 1951 Geneva Convention. But for too many children, education is simply out of reach. Read more at Mondoweiss.


Hope Hard to Come By in Lebanon Camp

Young people in Ein El Hilweh, Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, have few options for their future. Anera’s vocational classes are among the ways some youth are working around their challenging situation. Read more at The Electronic Intifada.