ANERA is helping men and women in Palestinian refugee camps and poor communities around the region get through hard times. With your help, we create jobs that build and upgrade schools, health clinics, and water wells. We design job training programs and help entrepreneurs set up small local businesses. When families and communities have what they need to succeed, the impact of ANERA’s work lasts long after a project is completed.

Tradition & Innovation: Economic Development in Palestine

Agriculture and environmental projects are vital to economic development in Gaza and the West Bank. For more than four decades, ANERA has carried out a wide range of agricultural activities in Palestine. The main objective is to improve the livelihood of rural people by increasing the productivity of land and livestock and reducing production costs.

Infrastructure improvements are another major part of economic development in Palestine. ANERA helps enhance communities through infrastructure in a variety of ways:

With the help of partner organizations and a generous community of donors, ANERA has facilitated many projects that directly and indirectly result in employment opportunities for more Palestinians.

Supporting Refugees through Economic Development in Lebanon

Economic development is essential to providing sustainable solutions for thousands of refugees in Lebanon. In and around the 12 Palestinian refugee camps, ANERA offers job training and vocational education classes, implements home gardens, provides scholarships and brings communities together through sports and health programming.

ANERA has also managed large infrastructure projects and established a marketing network for a series of family-owned inns involved in rural tourism across the country.

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