USAID Emergency Water and Sanitation (EWAS II)

June 17, 2013 ANERA
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ANERA's $60 million USAID-funded emergency water and sanitation program has built infrastructure and provided thousands of jobs for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Reality

Years of occupation, blockades and a deteriorating economy have taken a toll on the infrastructure of the West Bank and Gaza. Hospitals and schools are crumbling as are the water and irrigation pipelines and farm access roads. Medical equipment is sorely outdated or in need of repair. Many schools are not safe or adequate for the communities they serve.

Poor families in remote areas often are forced to pay the high cost of trucking in clean drinking water because the pipelines are corroded or non-existent. Inadequate or antiquated sewage and water treatment facilities cause serious health issues.

ANERA’s Response

With funding from USAID’s Emergency Water and Sanitation (EWAS), 2008-2013, ANERA provided rapid emergency relief in the water and sanitation sectors and to address basic infrastructure needs. ANERA built reservoirs and installed new toilets in schools. We repaved and built new roads to connect farms to markets. Our engineers designed and implemented renovations to hospitals, schools and clinics.  

How it Works

ANERA collaborated with local communities and organizations to identify areas that need improvement and urgent repair. Once the project was approved and the community committed to making financial or material contributions, ANERA implemented the project, from design to contracting and hiring workers to complete it.  

For more details, check out the EWAS II website.

This program provided new and improved infrastructure across the West Bank and Gaza. It also created thousands of jobs for Palestinians seeking much-needed resources to support their families. 


Some Success Stories

A teacher with her students at the Taybeh School, West Bank, after ANERA"s renovations.Principal Abeer Khoriye at the Al Taybeh Greek Orthodox School breaths a sigh of relief: “The faculty and students have never been happier. We now have a new beautiful building, and most importantly, my students are enjoying the extra space in a healthy environment, and are safe and sound.Read more >>


Two young boys in Gaza coming down a slide in the new park, laughing.Om Rami Abu Shabaan and her neighbor enjoy sitting and talking in their new community park while their children play nearby. “Our children come here to play and have a good time. We also can have parties in the park since it’s easy for everyone to gather here.Read more >>


Officials from USAID, the Al Auja Municipality and ANERA at the inauguration ceremony for the new drinking water network and reservoir that will benefit the village’s 4,500 residents.The new water network and reservoir ANERA installed in the village of Auja, West Bank greatly increases the amount of available drinking water reduces water losses because of deteriorating pipes. Read more >>