Our Impact


Water is essential to life. It’s something many of us don’t think about, but for people living in insecure regions, getting access to fresh, clean and drinkable water can be a daily struggle. In Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, Anera’s teams are working to improve water access and, ultimately, build more sustainable communities.

Your support has helped us take on ambitious projects such as a well rehabilitation in Beit Hanoun, a remote community in northern Gaza, where previously water could only be brought in by donkey cart. We’ve also installed eco-friendly water reuse systems on farms in the West Bank, making agriculture more sustainable and improving food security in the region.

The Palestinian water crisis is an ongoing issue for refugees and residents alike. Through collaborations with local experts and gifts from generous supporters like you, Anera is making meaningful change one project at a time and helping people gain access to the water they need for daily life. Read about some of the many ways your donations are building capacity, upgrading infrastructure and improving lives in the stories below.