Helping Preemie Parents in Lebanon

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Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) is sending four shipments through Anera’s healthcare networks to support premature babies in Lebanon. We received and distributed the first shipment this month. This film is from Karantina Hospital in Beirut.




Gender equality and empowering women and girls are fundamental to creating equitable societies. Anera has been actively addressing the critical issue of early and forced marriage among vulnerable populations in Lebanon through the innovative Sama Project over the past two…

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With funding from Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Anera has rehabilitated 12 homes to make them more resilient against flooding and more habitable in a variety of ways.

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This week, Sean Carroll, Anera’s president and chief executive officer, visited sites across Lebanon where Anera works. Here he reports from two locations in Akkar, in the northern part of the country. From the Ritaj El Hayat Medical Center In…

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