The Cornerstone of Palestinian Society: Family

Families have always been the cornerstone of Palestinian society, and serve as the first place where children can learn respect, self-esteem, responsibility, community and most importantly love. These values, when amplified in society at-large, shape a nation. That is why Anera strives to deliver projects and programs that directly benefit Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza and help them thrive. Below are some Palestinian families who have benefited from various projects and programs.


Gaza greenhouses help farmers like Sabah make an income and feed her family.

“This piece of land was empty. Now we have a way to make income by working our own land because of this project. This greenhouse will provide our family with healthy food to eat and sell. The money we make buys other necessities.”

– Sabah, mother & recipient of an Anera greenhouse



“I expected flooding this coming winter to be more destructive than the last. I’m relieved to know we have a new rainwater drainage channel just in time for it!”

– Taleb (right), grandfather who lives in the West Bank town of Jaba’. Anera constructed a concrete drainage channel which will help protect about 4,000 residents from annual flooding.



“This center is an important part of our support system. We’re grateful for the center relieving some of our financial burdens.”

– Yousra (left), mother and patient at the Hebron Charitable Medical Center in the West Bank. Anera supplies the medical center with 70% of its medicines free-of-charge.



“Our homes are not prepared for winter and a blanket isn’t going to change everything. But, [receiving blankets] at no cost, this is a huge relief during these hard times, especially when we have to make a tough choices between food and winter items.”

– Samiya, mother and recipient of winter blankets for her family. (Pictured, her husband, Ali, and their two children.)



“I am thankful for all Anera’s supporters and I pray for all those who never forget Gaza.”

– Amani, mother and recipient of Anera food package.





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