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The catastrophe of last week’s 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes have shockingly taken the lives of more than 40,000 people in Turkey and Syria. The destruction has also displaced millions, many of whom had already been uprooted from their homes over the last decade by ongoing violence. While aid is flowing into Turkey, sending relief to Syria is much more difficult. Delivering aid to the most impacted communities in Syria is a major challenge given the ongoing conflict and political climate.

First page from Anera's situation report about the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.
Read Anera’s situation report about the earthquake and its aftermath.

We have identified Jordan, a country where Anera already works, as the best base of operations for our earthquake response as we work to overcome the geographical, political, and physical obstacles to sending humanitarian relief into Syria. 

Right now, Anera is assembling shipments of humanitarian aid for Syria. These shipments are a combination of vital relief supplies purchased in Jordan, as well as donated medicines and healthcare supplies from our medical aid partners. 

Do you want to help?

Your donation will help us purchase tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and medical supplies and immediately ship them to Syria. The short and long-term needs in Syria are immense, and your help today will allow us to respond to those needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

$25 can purchase and ship a blanket
$70 can purchase and ship a sleeping bag
$100 can ship thousands of dollars worth of healthcare supplies
$250 can purchase and ship coats, scarves and shoes for a family of four
$500 can purchase and ship a tent for a family

Even before the earthquakes, millions of Syrians had already lost their homes and were experiencing displacement due to the civil war. From the earliest days of the war, Anera has been helping refugees from Syria in Lebanon – and more recently in Jordan – through our non-formal job training, education courses, and cash assistance programs.

By working through countries where Anera is already established and by mobilizing our regional and international partners, we can safely and confidently send emergency relief to Syria. Our partners and staff on the ground are ready to respond to the immediate needs of the earthquake’s aftermath. But with your help, we can do more. Please consider donating to send relief to Syria right now.



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