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The Telegraph

Gaza races to disinfect refugee shelters as disease starts to spread

Nov. 21 | Refugee shelters in southern Gaza are being disinfected with chemical agents in a bid to prevent a catastrophic outbreak of disease. Read the article.

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TRT World

Two thirds of Gaza's 2.3M residents have already been displaced

Nov. 18 | Sean Carroll speaks with TRT World about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza amid the war. Watch the interview on YouTube.

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NBC News

Disease runs rampant in Gaza as clean water runs out

Nov. 15 | Cases of diarrhea and skin infections such as scabies are increasing sharply, global public health officials say. "The situation has been dire for a while," Anera's Sean Carroll told NBC News. "Now it's actually getting to the point where people will not have water at all." Read the story on NBC News.

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BBC World News

Average of 33 trucks a day entering Gaza

Nov. 8 | On November 8th, Saddam Sayyaleh appeared on the BBC again to share an update on the efforts to scale up humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Watch the interview on YouTube.

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Al Jazeera English

Gaza aid needs to be scaled up by a factor of 10: Aid group

Nov. 4 | Anera has delivered its first shipment of aid since October 7 but says “While we’re gratified to have gotten this shipment into Gaza… the volume of aid coming in needs to be scaled up by a factor of 10 on a daily basis.” Read the update at Al Jazeera English.

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TRT World News

How significant is the opening of the Rafah border crossing?

Nov. 1 | Despite the temporary opening of Egypt's Rafah border crossing, the situation for Gazans is still dire. The amount of aid crossing in is just a fraction of what residents need. Sean Carroll, explains. Watch the interview on YouTube.

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CTV News

First Evacuations From Gaza Begin

Nov. 1 | "Things are extremely bad," Sean Carroll explained to CTV News. Watch the interview at CTV.

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ABC News

Humanitarian Group Warns of Urgent Need for Aid in Gaza

Oct. 31 | ABC News had Sean Carroll on to talk about the urgency of getting aid supplies more quickly into Gaza. Watch the interview at ABC News.

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Palestinian Americans fundraise for Gaza, as aid groups receive record donations

Oct. 31 | Anera's Derek Madsen spoke to Reuters about the surge of support for Gaza from individual donors. Read the story at Reuters.

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The National News

Celebrity humanitarian chef Jose Andres steps in to feed people in Gaza and Israel

Oct. 27 | World Central Kitchen said it had joined Anera to set up a kitchen in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip where thousands of Palestinians have fled. Read the article at The National.

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BBC World News

UN warns fuel in Gaza could run out

Oct. 26 | On October 26th, Saddam Sayyaleh spoke with the BBC again to provide an update on efforts to send aid through Rafah. Watch the interview on YouTube.

PRI's The World
PRI's The World

Gaza on the brink as fuel crisis escalates

Oct. 25 | PRI's The World had Sean Carroll on to talk about the urgency of getting life-saving fuel into Gaza. Listen to the interview at The World.

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Scripps News

Aid Trickles Into Gaza, As Fuel Runs Low

Oct. 24 | Sean Carroll appeared on Morning Rush to talk about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Watch the interview on YouTube.

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World Central Kitchen Feeding Thousands in Israel & Gaza

Oct. 22 | Chef José Andrés of World Central Kitchen appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 on Sunday to talk about partnering with Anera to provide thousands of hot meals to displaced families in Gaza. Watch the interview at the Internet Archive.

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CBC News

First convoys of humanitarian aid crossed over from Egypt into Gaza this weekend

Oct. 22 | Sean Carroll spoke to CBC News on Sunday about the increasingly dire humanitarian crisis and the need for significantly more aid. Watch the interview at CBC News.

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CTV News

Aid delivery into Gaza needs ‘safe passage’: panel | Power Play with Todd van der Heyden

Oct. 20 | Sean Carroll spoke to CTV News about the dire humanitarian circumstances in Gaza. Watch the interview at CTV News.

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Jewish and Palestinian Employers Step Up to Help Workers

Oct. 19 | Religious nonprofits and U.S. employers with ties to Israel and Gaza are extending resources and benefits to employees who are impacted by the Israel-Hamas war. Anera is one of four organizations profiled in SHRM, a publication focused on work, workers and the workplace. Read the piece at SHRM.

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CBC News

UN chief implores officials to get desperately needed humanitarian aid into Gaza from Egypt

Sean Carroll spoke to CBC News again on Friday about the urgent need for humanitarian aid to Gaza. Watch the interview at CBC News.

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BBC World News

UN calls for aid trucks into Gaza

Saddam Sayyaleh, Anera's Regional Lead Development, spoke to BBC World News on October 20. Watch the interview on YouTube.

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Aid deal brings hope to hungry Gaza residents, but no food yet

Oct. 19 | NPR's Goats and Soda program spoke to Sean Carroll about Anera's efforts in Gaza and the urgent need for humanitarian aid to Gaza. Read and listen to the piece at National Public Radio.

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WUSA9 (CBS Washington DC)

World Central Kitchen helps to feed 30K people displaced in Israel-Hamas War

Oct. 18 | D.C. Chef José Andrés and his World Central Kitchen said Palestinian families are fleeing from Gaza City to shelters in Khan Yunis which is where they are able to help through their local partner Anera. Together they have been able to distribute thousands of meals daily to people who are displaced. Read the story at WUSA9.

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News Nation

‘Humanitarian catastrophe:’ Aid centers in Gaza run dry; charity seeks help

Oct. 18 | News Nation interviewed Sean Carroll on their live broadcast. Watch the interview and read the piece at News Nation.

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Anera calls for the immediate opening of a secure humanitarian aid corridor to Gaza

The American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) yesterday called for the immediate opening of a secure humanitarian aid corridor, the safe passage and protection of humanitarian aid workers, and an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s 11-day war on Gaza. Read the piece at WAFA News.

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CBS News

Gaza experiencing "humanitarian catastrophe," aid group CEO says

Oct. 20 | The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is getting darker by the moment with constant shelling and basic resources dwindling. Sean Carroll, president and CEO of American Near East Refugee Aid, joined CBS News to discuss the situation. Watch the interview at CBS News.

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CBC News

Plan to let Canadians and other foreign nationals leave Gaza at Rafah crossing cancelled

Oct. 20 | Sean Carroll, president and CEO of aid group Anera, said Thursday there's no telling how long people will be living like this, and they're going to need to be supplied with food, water and medicine. Read the story at CBC News.

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WTOP News (103.5 FM; Washington DC)

Israeli, Palestinian relief efforts get rolling in DC area

Oct. 12 | An organization based in D.C. called Anera is working to raise money to support humanitarian aid for Palestinians. “As a D.C. resident, it is heartening to see my neighbors looking to support urgent humanitarian relief. The situation in Gaza is a humanitarian catastrophe,” Anera President and CEO Sean Carroll said. “It means so much to see support pouring in from humanitarian-minded people in our local community, and from around the world.” Read the story at WTOP News.

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Israel-Gaza War Is Pushing Relief Groups to the Brink

Oct. 11 | Getting food, water, and medical supplies to Gaza has always been difficult, relief workers say. Over the past few days, it’s become impossible. Anera's Sean Carroll is quoted. Read the article at The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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Al Watan Voice

Anera Delivers Shipment of Medicines Worth $700,000 to Gaza

Anera has delivered a shipment of medicines worth $700,000 to Gaza, and another valued at $2.3 million to Lebanon. The story is based on Anera's press release marking, with these two recent shipments, the delivery of more than $1 billion in medical donations to vulnerable communities in the Middle East. Read the post at Al Watan Voice (Arabic). Our press release was also republished by Sama News (Arabic).

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The Marshall Legacy Institute

The Impact of Peace Through Sport

The Marshall Legacy Institute and Anera partnered on a two-year Peace Through Sport program funded by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The impact of this program on teachers and participants in Lebanon and the United States was impressive. Hundreds of young people across Lebanon and the United States participated. Read the piece at the Marshall Legacy Institute website.

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Success Story | Growing Vegetables on Rooftops

The Jordanian morning talk show profiles the initiative of Anera and our partner Durrat Almanal for Development and Training to build 50 state-of-the-art greenhouses and rehabilitate 10 existing greenhouses in the Marka region, helping vulnerable families to secure their livelihoods and foster sustainable farming practices. Watch the segment on the YouTube channel of Youm Jadded (Arabic).

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Government Reports 180M Shekels in Donations Collected for Jenin

Report in the Nablus-based news site on a statement from the Prime Minister's office noting the support provided by Anera, along with governments and other entities, for Jenin. Read the story at Dooz (Arabic).

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Water is a Treasure

Anera ambassador Ángela Rodríguez writes about Anera's water programs for World Water Day. Read the story at Medium.

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Nazha Galeb: An Instagram micro influencer who leads with advocacy

An article interviewing one of Anera's social media ambassadors who talks about her work with Anera. Read the story at Youth Mind.

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Anera commits to humanitarian, development aid in support of refugees, vulnerable communities

An article interviewing Sean Carroll and Carina Aoun on Anera's 2019 return to Jordan and its programming there. Read the story at Jordan Times.

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Humanitarian Mission to Lebanon

A delegation from the Dearborn, Michigan-based American Human Rights Council visited several non-governmental organizations and institutions in Lebanon on a humanitarian mission, including Anera. Read the story at Press & Guide.

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Content Creator Nazha Ghaleb, aka ‘Nana,' is making breaking headlines

Interview with Nana, one of Anera's social ambassadors, on being a social media content creator with a mission, including through support for Anera. Read the full interview at Dubai Announcer.