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Success Story | Growing Vegetables on Rooftops

The Jordanian morning talk show profiles the initiative of Anera and our partner Durrat Almanal for Development and Training to build 50 state-of-the-art greenhouses and rehabilitate 10 existing greenhouses in the Marka region, helping vulnerable families to secure their livelihoods and foster sustainable farming practices. Watch the segment on the YouTube channel of Youm Jadded (Arabic).

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Government Reports 180M Shekels in Donations Collected for Jenin

Report in the Nablus-based news site on a statement from the Prime Minister's office noting the support provided by Anera, along with governments and other entities, for Jenin. Read the story at Dooz (Arabic).

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Water is a Treasure

Anera ambassador Ángela Rodríguez writes about Anera's water programs for World Water Day. Read the story at Medium.

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Nazha Galeb: An Instagram micro influencer who leads with advocacy

An article interviewing one of Anera's social media ambassadors who talks about her work with Anera. Read the story at Youth Mind.

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Anera commits to humanitarian, development aid in support of refugees, vulnerable communities

An article interviewing Sean Carroll and Carina Aoun on Anera's 2019 return to Jordan and its programming there. Read the story at Jordan Times.

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Humanitarian Mission to Lebanon

A delegation from the Dearborn, Michigan-based American Human Rights Council visited several non-governmental organizations and institutions in Lebanon on a humanitarian mission, including Anera. Read the story at Press & Guide.

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Content Creator Nazha Ghaleb, aka ‘Nana,' is making breaking headlines

Interview with Nana, one of Anera's social ambassadors, on being a social media content creator with a mission, including through support for Anera. Read the full interview at Dubai Announcer.