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Al Jazeera English

Humanitarian Aid Obstacles in Gaza

June 23 | Anera's Mohenad Itayim speaks with Al Jazeera host Sohail Rahman about the obstructions to safe and timely aid distribution in Gaza. Watch the segment.

BBC News

Inside Gaza aid depot: Food waits as Israel and UN trade blame

June 22 | Anera's Sean Carroll tells the BBC's Yolande Knell that there are grave challenges to the efficient distribution of aid in Gaza, including danger, lack of fuel and trucks and arbitrary procedures. Read the article.

Asharq News الشرق للأخبار

Anera: We have provided more than 27 million meals in Gaza since October 7 | منظمة "أنيرا": قدمنا أكثر من 27 مليون وجبة في غزة منذ 7 أكتوبر

June 5 | Anera's Sean Carroll talks about the organizations emergency response efforts in Gaza and the challenges facing the humanitarian community. Watch the segment. (Arabic)

Associated Press

‘We have nothing.’ As Israel attacks Rafah, Palestinians are living in tents and searching for food

May 28 | The American humanitarian group Anera “is having difficulty distributing what we are able to bring in to the people who need it because there’s so little fuel for trucks,” spokesperson Steve Fake said. Read the article.


Aid Trucks Enter Gaza Under New Agreement

May 27 | CTV's Renee Rodgers speaks with Anera's Sean Carroll on the obstructions and dysfunctional aid system for Gaza. Watch the segment.

The Special Sauce Podcast

Sulieman Mleahat

May 24 | On this episode of Special Sauce we take a deep dive into the beyond desperate hunger situation in Gaza with humanitarian Sulieman Mleahat from Anera who has been working in the Middle East for more than twenty years. Listen to the episode.

Human Rights Watch

Gaza: Israelis Attacking Known Aid Worker Locations

May 14 | Human Rights Watch documents eight incidents, including the killing of Anera's Mousa Shawwa, in which aid organizations and UN agencies had communicated with Israeli authorities the GPS coordinates of an aid convoy or premises and yet Israeli forces attacked the convoy or shelter without any warning. Read the report.

Sky News Arabic

Southern Gaza Crossing Closed to Aid Deliveries

May 8 | Anera's Sean Carroll speaks with Sky News Arabic about the impact of the Israeli incursion into Rafah and the closure of the crossing. Watch the segment.

CTV News

Getting Aid Into Gaza

May 8 | Anera's Sean Carroll speaks with CTV about the challenges of getting and distributing aid within Gaza. Watch the segment.

CNN International

UN, Aid Groups Sound Alarm Over Rafah Incursion

May 7 | Anera's Sean Carroll speaks with CNN anchor Paula Newton about the latest developments in Rafah and elsewhere in Gaza and the impact on the humanitarian crisis. Watch the segment.

The New York Times

A ship heading toward Gaza is carrying 400 tons of food aid.

Apr. 27 | An Emirati ship with 400 tons of food intended for the Gaza Strip set sail from Cyprus on Saturday morning, according to a United Arab Emirates official and American Near East Refugee Aid, or Anera, an aid organization operating in Gaza. Read the update.


Ship with 400 tons of food aid destined for Gaza has left Cyprus

Apr. 27 | CNN spoke with Anera's Mohenad Itayam about a new sea shipment full of aid destined for Gaza. Read the piece.

The New York Times

‘We’re Aware of the Location’: Aid Groups in Gaza Coordinated With I.D.F. but Still Came Under Fire

Apr. 25 | Visual evidence and internal communications show six aid groups based in Western countries, including Anera, had humanitarian sites hit by Israeli strikes, even after the locations were shared with the I.D.F. Mousa Shawwa, Anera's Logistics Coordinator in Gaza who was killed by an airstrike, is covered in this investigation and Dua, his wife, is interviewed. Watch the visual investigation.

The New York Times

Israel Plans to Expand ‘Humanitarian Zone’ if It Invades Rafah

Apr. 23 | Adam Rasgon speaks with Anera's Sandra Rasheed about concerns of an imminent Israeli invasion of Rafah. Read the article.

CTV National News

Water truck bombed in Gaza

Apr. 22 | The Canadian news network's Colton Praill speaks with Anera's Sean Carroll on the dangers facing organizations looking to provide basic necessities to those in Gaza. Watch the segment.

Al Jazeera

Rise in ‘scholasticide’ Gaza education system

Apr. 18 | Sean Carroll, president and CEO of Anera, says in an interview with Al Jazeera that the entire formal education system in Gaza “has come to a standstill." Read the article.

Al Bawaba News

Choithrams raises AED 500,000 for Dubai Cares’ “Gaza In Our Hearts” Ramadan fundraising campaign

Apr. 16 | Choithrams, a community supermarket brand, has raised more than $136,000 for the “Gaza In Our Hearts” Ramadan fundraising campaign by Dubai Cares to raise vital funds for the provision of hot meals, food baskets, as well as waterproof and fire-resistant tents for the people of Gaza, through Anera. Read the article. See also Khaleej Times.

New York Times

The relief organization Anera says it is resuming operations in Gaza

Apr. 12 | Victoria Kim reports on our resumption of operations in Gaza and quotes Anera's Sean Carroll. An excerpt: “Our ability to help people in Gaza relies on our heroic staff and hundreds of volunteers." Read the article.

Al Jazeera English

“Not safe to go back to work, but our staff wants to” - Gaza aid CEO

Apr. 12 | “I hope they're getting the message that starving Palestinians does not help Israeli security.” Sean Carroll, the president and CEO of Anera, says his organization is resuming aid operations in Gaza despite the high number of deadly attacks on humanitarian workers. Watch the segment.


Anera charity resumes work in Gaza after pausing when Israeli strike killed 7 World Central Kitchen staff

Apr. 11 Tala Alrajjal and Mohammed Tawfeeq quote Anera's Sean Carroll, reporting that Israeli authorities informed him during a meeting Thursday that "certain measures would be taken to protect humanitarian aid workers in Gaza – including Anera's staff. ... With the full support of our Gaza team, we have determined that the circumstances have changed sufficiently to resume our vital humanitarian work in Gaza." Read the article. See also Al Jazeera English.

Middle East Eye

International NGO resumes operations in Gaza

Apr. 11 | The NGO Anera announced that it is immediately resuming its humanitarian operations in Gaza, more than a week after it put a halt to its services there. Anera's statement on resuming operations from Sean Carroll, President and CEO, is quoted. Read the article.

Al Jazeera English

Israel says 322 aid trucks entered Gaza, yet the north remains deprived: AJE correspondent

Apr. 8 | Israel says 322 aid trucks - most of them carrying food - have entered Gaza via the Karem Abu Salem (known as Kerem Shalom to Israelis) crossing and the Rafah crossing. Sean Carroll, Anera's President and CEO, speaks with Tareq Abu Azzoum. Watch the interview. See also Al Jazeera's article, quoting from the interview.


Gaza buildings and land decimated in 6 months of war

Apr. 7 | Israel's bombardment of Gaza in the six months since the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack has flattened buildings, decimated agricultural land, and destroyed critical infrastructure in the Strip. Naser Qadous, Anera's Palestine Agricultural Programs Manager of 20 years, is interviewed on Israel’s destruction of agricultural land and greenhouses. Read the article.


The IDF is supposed to protect aid workers. Aid agencies say the Israeli military has been attacking them for months.

Apr. 6 | The killing of seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen may mark a turning point in support for Israel and for long frustrated efforts to bring relief to Palestinians on the brink of starvation. Anera's president and CEO Sean Carroll is interviewed. Read the article.

The Current with Matt Galloway

Aid workers fear for safety in Gaza

Apr. 5 | Israel’s killing of seven aid workers this week has left humanitarian organizations weighing the risks of delivering the help that Gaza desperately needs. Saddam Sayyaleh talks with Matt Galloway about the urgent need for humanitarian aid in Gaza, and the decision to pause operations. Listen to the interview.


L'ONG ANERA també suspèn les operacions a Gaza per falta de garanties de seguretat d'Israel

Apr. 5 | Les ONG del xef José Andrés no és l'única que ha deixat d'operar a Gaza. La nord-americana Anera també hi ha deixat de treballar i no hi tornaran fins que Israel i els Estats Units els donin garanties de seguretat. Sean Carroll, Anera's President and CEO, speaks in an interview about Anera's response. Watch the interview (Catalan/Spanish).

El País

Halt in humanitarian aid after deaths of WCK workers leaves Gaza on brink of famine

Apr. 5 | The suspension of activities by the NGOs World Central Kitchen and Anera raises fears of a domino effect on other organizations operating in the Strip. Sean Carroll, Anera's President and CEO, is interviewed: Anera has been forced to “choose between continuing to feed starving people and protecting its workers and the beneficiaries themselves.” Read the article. (Spanish version).

Il Fatto Quotidiano

Aiuti a Gaza, Derek Madsen: “Da mesi noi volontari rischiamo la vita”

Apr. 5 | Derek Madsen, Anera's Chief Development Officer, is interviewed on Anera's work to deliver aid amidst the adverse circumstances in Gaza. Read the article (Italian).

The New Republic

The Tragic Fallout of the World Central Kitchen Airstrikes

Apr. 4 | The IDF’s attack on food aid workers in Gaza is roiling Washington—and having a chilling effect on everyone working to stave off starvation. Sandra Rasheed, Anera's Country Director in Palestine, speaks in an interview. Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that strikes occurred, he called them “unintentional,” and other Israeli military leaders have characterized them as an error—but this does not reassure Anera workers. Read the article.

Associated Press

Aid group chief demands independent investigations after Israeli strikes on Gaza humanitarian workers

Apr. 4 | The chief of the Gaza-based aid group Anera is demanding an independent investigation into the Israeli strikes that killed World Central Kitchen workers and other attacks on aid workers. Anera CEO Sean Carroll asks: “How can we operate if no one is safe?” Watch the interview (YouTube).

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Why the high-profile killing of a famous aid group’s volunteers could be a turning point for how Israel treats Gaza relief

Apr. 4 | Following the bombing of trucks belonging to World Central Kitchen, Israel vowed to investigate the incident and created a channel for aid groups to communicate directly with the Israeli military’s commanders in Gaza, rather than via another division. Rebecca Abou-Chedid, an Anera board member, is interviewed: "We have been trying to wave a big red flag for weeks that there is a human network and a human infrastructure to the delivery of aid in a reliable, safe, organized way and if that falls apart, you can’t recreate that quickly." Read the article.

ABC Australia

'Devastating and scary': More charities pause aid to Gaza

Apr. 4 | The deaths of seven World Central Kitchen employees are set to make life even harder for Gazans. Two two more U.S charities are following the World Central Kitchen and suspending their operations in Gaza, as famine looms. Sean Carroll, Anera's President and CEO, is interviewed on the importance of independent investigation and the dehumanisation of Palestinians. Listen to the interview.

BBC News

Fears for Gazans as aid groups halt work over deadly Israeli strike

Apr. 4 | A US charity that World Central Kitchen works with, Anera, has also suspended work because of the escalating risks faced by its local staff and their families. Derek Madsen, Anera's Chief Development Officer, is interviewed: "We've asked for explanation as to why that site was struck and we've received none." Read the article.

NewsNation Now

Anera Suspends Gaza Aid After WCK Workers Killed

Apr. 4 | Anera's president and CEO, Sean Carroll, speaks live about Anera's employee, Mousa Shawwa, who was killed in a strike and the factors going into the decision to pause operations in Gaza. Watch the interview.

The Wall Street Journal

Israel Blames Misidentification for Strike That Killed Gaza Aid Workers

Apr. 3 | The Israeli military said an initial investigation into a strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza found its forces had wrongly identified their vehicles as hostile targets, as Israel responds to international condemnation and tries to contain the fallout from a hunger crisis in the enclave. Sean Carroll is cited about Israel's failure to maintain assurances of safety, and how that affects Anera's resumption of operations. Read the article.

Washington Post

World Central Kitchen attack in Gaza spotlights dangers for aid workers

Apr. 3 | In Gaza and other conflict zones, deaths of humanitarian aid workers are on the rise. Sean Carroll is interviewed about the coordination efforts Anera undertook to protect its employees, and the resulting decision to pause operations. Read the article.


Aid Groups Pause Operations in Gaza After Deadly Strike

Apr. 3 | Sean Carroll speaks with Julia Chatterley about the killing of humanitarian workers forcing a pause in operations. Watch the interview.

Middle East Eye

How Israel's Gaza aid convoy attack brings Palestinians closer to famine

Apr. 3 | Sondos Shalaby article quotes Anera's Liz Demarest. An excerpt: “For many, our kitchens were their sole source of sustenance. We recognise that pausing our operations, along with other organisations, will create critical gaps in relief efforts, particularly in the north, where they are facing famine. The ultimate responsibility to prevent starvation in Gaza lies with Israel.” Read the article.

BBC World News Live Reporting

Famine looms in Gaza as aid groups pause over security fears

Apr. 3 | Israel has been accused of limiting the flow of aid into Gaza, which is on the brink of famine. World Central Kitchen, which had 68 kitchens across the enclave, along with the American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and Project Hope, have paused operations. Read the article.

BBC World News Live Reporting

Palestinian aid workers react to WCK staff killings

Apr. 3 | We've been hearing from Palestinian aid workers and getting their reaction to the seven World Central Kitchen staff who were killed in Gaza. Anera's Naser Qadous, who works in Ramallah in the West Bank, is interviewed on the attack. Read the article.

The Emirates Times

UAE: Anera, a Dubai Cares Operational Partner, Suspends Operations in Gaza

Apr. 3 | Anera, the operational partner of UAE’s Dubai Cares, has said that operations in Gaza have been suspended. This comes after the World Central Kitchen team was targeted by a vicious Israeli airstrike on Tuesday that resulted in the deaths of seven relief workers and numerous injuries. Anera's press release is quoted, "We are in direct communication with Anera’s team members to closely monitor the situation and better understand the potential resumption dates of their direct operational work." Read the article. See also the report in the Khaleej Times.

ABC Australia

Almost 200 humanitarian workers have been killed in Gaza. This is what organisations do to try to keep staff safe

Apr. 3 | Several humanitarian aid organisations have suspended operations in Gaza after Israeli air strikes killed seven World Central Kitchen workers. Derek Madsen, Anera's Chief Development Officer, talks about Anera's pause in operations. Watch the interview.

New York Times

World Central Kitchen sent ships with hundreds of tons of food back to Cyprus

Apr. 3 | Matthew Mpoke Bigg writes about the impact of the killings of aid workers in Gaza on humanitarian relief efforts. Anera's Sandra Rasheed is quoted from her Al Jazeera interview: “Our staff have guided our work, and they, themselves, feel like there’s a target on their backs.” Read the article.

Financial Times

‘No trust’ in Israeli probe into killings of Gaza food charity workers, says aid chief

Apr. 3 | Chloe Cornish in Dubai and Raya Jalabi speak with Anera's Sean Carroll. An excerpt: “Any incident of this gravity, of this seriousness, you really need independent investigators.” Read the article.

NPR Morning Edition

Food aid groups forced to suspend operations after Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Apr. 3 | NPR's Steve Inskeep asks Rebecca Abou Chedid of the aid organization Anera about its decision to stop operations in Gaza after the death of seven World Central Kitchen staff. Listen to the interview.

Al Jazeera English

‘Target on their back’: Aid workers halt efforts after deadly Israeli strikes

Apr. 3 | Anera decided to halt its work in Gaza after the killing of seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen. “This is something that we were forced to do to ensure our safety,” Sandra Rasheed, Anera’s Palestine country director, told Al Jazeera. “Our staff have guided our work, and they, themselves, feel like there’s a target on their backs.” Watch the interview.

CBC News: The National

More aid groups halt work in Gaza after foreign workers killed

Apr. 3 | After Israeli missile strikes killed seven aid workers with World Central Kitchen, some aid groups working in Gaza are halting deliveries because they're afraid their staff could be next. Derek Madsen, Anera's Chief Development Officer, speaks in an interview about Anera's recently killed staff member, Mousa Shawwa, and the significance of pausing humanitarian aid operations. Watch the segment.

CBS News

Zomi Frankcom, World Central Kitchen aid worker killed in airstrike in Gaza, was on ground in NYC during height of the pandemic

Apr. 3 | Lisa Rozner writes about the impact of the targeting of humanitarian staff. Anera's Derek Madsen is quoted: "We still don't have answer on killing of our own staff from Israeli military. Given that, we give such deep level of detail to the Israeli government about our locations. There has to be some combination of assurance from people we're supplying info to." Read the article.

Middle East Monitor

US charity halts Gaza operations after Israel kills NGO workers

Apr. 3 | Anera yesterday announced the suspension of its humanitarian activities in Gaza following the recent attack on World Central Kitchen (WCK) workers in Deir Al-Balah. Anera emphasised the need for an investigation and action to address the continuous targeting of humanitarian workers and the inadequacy of safety measures. Read the article.

The Wall Street Journal

Biden’s Approach to Gaza Conflict Angers Both Sides at Home

Apr. 3 | Airstrike that killed seven aid workers exacerbates tensions on the left while tougher rhetoric toward Israel risks alienating Jewish Americans. Sean Carroll is quoted, "Something needs to be a turning point...We’re going further into the depths of depravity and inhumanity.” Read the article.

BBC Radio 4


Apr. 3 | Chief Development Officer, Derek Madsen, is interviewed about Anera's deconfliction work and the deaths of aid workers in Gaza. Listen to the interview at 2:10:50.

The National (UAE)

Tributes to 'compassionate' victims of Israeli World Central Kitchen strike

Apr. 3 | Gillian Duncan quotes from a BBC Radio 4 with Anera's Derek Madsen about the killing of aid workers. An excerpt: “I think we see the deaths of international humanitarian aid workers covered differently than the deaths of Palestinian workers. ... Our hope is that this coverage will bring light to a pervasive pattern, something that should not be happening and that appears to be inconsistent with international humanitarian law.” Read the article.

The Wall Street Journal

Israel Confronts Fallout After Strike That Killed Seven Gaza Aid Workers

Apr. 2 | Western capitals call for probe of deadly incident, which jeopardizes aid effort in hunger-stricken enclave. Anera is mentioned as an organization that pauses its operations in response to the strike. Read the article.

CNN The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer

Head of Anera discusses pausing Gaza aid operation after Israeli strike kills WCK workers

Apr. 2 | Anera's Sandra Rasheed speaks with Wolf Blitzer about being forced to suspend operations in Gaza and our partnership with World Central Kitchen and remembering staff who were killed in the attack. Watch the interview. (Transcript.) Read the article.

CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip

Rebecca Abou-Chedid on CNN NewsNight With Abby Phillip | April 2, 2024

Apr. 2 | Anera's board member Rebecca Abou-Chedid speaks with Abby Phillip. Watch the interview. (Transcript.)

PBS NewsHour

Head of Anera discusses pausing Gaza aid operation after Israeli strike kills WCK workers

Apr. 2 | Anera, paused operations in Gaza after an Israeli strike killed seven members of the World Central Kitchen. Sean Carroll, the group's president and CEO, joined Amna Nawaz to discuss his concerns. Watch the interview, transcript. PBS Classroom analysis.

CNN Live News

US charity suspends operations in Gaza following World Central Kitchen aid worker deaths

Apr. 2 | Anera suspended its Gaza operations following an airstrike that killed seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers on Monday. Anera's press release is quoted, "For the safety of our staff and their families, we are suspending Anera’s work in Gaza." Read the article.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Biden administration ‘outraged’ by Israeli strike that killed 7 aid workers, as humanitarian groups suspend operations in Gaza

Apr. 2 | The Biden White House expressed its “outrage” over an Israeli drone strike Monday that killed seven aid workers with the World Central Kitchen and said the Israeli military must improve its coordination with groups delivering humanitarian assistance. Anera's press release about pausing operations is quoted. Read the article.

Associated Press

Aid organizations suspend operations in Gaza after World Central Kitchen workers’ deaths

Apr. 2 | Anera announced Tuesday it would take the “unprecedented step” of pausing its humanitarian operations in Gaza. “The blatant nature of the attack on WCK’s convoy has proven that aid workers are currently under attack,” said Anera media relations officer Steve Fake. “Our decision to resume aid relies on the safety of our staff.” Read the article. This article also appears on Sky News.

PRI's The World

Aid worker says they can’t operate after 7 World Center Kitchen staffers are killed in Israeli strike

Apr. 2 | An Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed seven aid workers from the relief group World Central Kitchen overnight. Among the dead were three British nationals and Australian, a Polish national an American Canadian dual citizen and a Palestinian. The World's host Carolyn Beeler speaks to Sean Carroll, the CEO of Anera, which works closely with WCK, about the incident. Listen to the interview.

Al Jazeera Live Updates

Anera suspends relief operations in Gaza Strip

Apr. 2 | The organisation, which runs the second largest humanitarian operation in Gaza after UNRWA, has said it is suspending its work in the besieged coastal enclave following yesterday’s attack on World Central Kitchen (WCK) workers by Israeli forces. Anera's press release is quoted, "The killing of WCK humanitarians, occurring less than a month after the still-unexplained killing of Anera staff member Mousa Shawwa...has led our team to conclude that delivering aid safely is no longer feasible." Read the article.

The Times of Israel

Second aid group suspends Gaza operations, citing danger to staff

Apr. 2 | Aid organization Anera says it is suspending relief operations in Gaza, citing security risks after seven members of fellow group World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli strike. The group says the deadly bombing is “part of the same pattern of targeted attacks on humanitarian aid workers” that left one of its staffers dead last month. Read the article.


American Near East Refugee Aid CEO addresses aid pause

Apr. 2 | Anera's Sean Carroll speaks with Diane Macedo about being forced to pause operations in Gaza following the death of seven World Central Kitchen workers. Watch the interview.

Foreign Policy

U.S. ‘Outraged’ Over Deadly Israeli Strike on World Central Kitchen Convoy in Gaza

Apr. 2 | Nearly 200 aid workers have been killed in Gaza since the Israel-Hamas war began. Anera's press release is quoted regarding the WCK attack's violation of International Humanitarian Law. Read the article.

SVT Swedish National Television - Aktuellt

Anera Pauses Operations in Gaza

Apr. 2 | Anera's Sean Carroll talks about the attacks upon humanitarian workers have forced the organization to pause its operations in Gaza. Watch the interview. (Viewable until April 9.)

The Guardian

Charities halt Gaza aid after drone attack that killed seven workers

Apr. 2 | Humanitarian groups say they cannot operate safely after Israeli targeting of food charity convoy prompts international outcry. Anera's statement on the decision to pause operations in the wake of the attack is quoted. Read the article. 

Common Dreams

'Indictments Now,' Says UN Expert After Israel Massacres World Central Kitchen Workers

Apr. 2 | The United Nations special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories demanded criminal consequences for Israeli officials on Tuesday after the country's forces attacked a World Central Kitchen convoy in the Gaza Strip, killing seven workers and sparking global outrage. Anera's Naser Qadous is quoted. Read the article. 


Middle East aid group says it is taking 'unprecedented step' in pausing Gaza operations

Apr. 2 | Anera is pausing its Gaza operations, it said today, following the attack on World Central Kitchen workers in Deir-al-Balah. Read the article. 

BBC World News logo

Anera President Sean Carroll Speaks About Anera's Pause of Operations in Gaza

Apr. 2 | Today, Anera paused its operations in Gaza after seven humanitarian aid workers were killed yesterday. President Carroll explains why. Listen to the interview. 

The Guardian

Middle East crisis: Israel criticised for strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza – as it happened

Apr. 2 | Anera has issued a press release explaining the “unprecedented step” it took in pausing its humanitarian operations in Gaza. Read the article.


Foreign nationals among food aid workers killed in Israeli attack, as Netanyahu calls strike ‘unintentional’

Apr. 2 | Seven aid workers, including foreign nationals, from the non-profit World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli military strike as they were delivering food to starving civilians in Gaza. Anera's statement is quoted. Read the article.


Opinion: Two words that made Ramy Youssef’s ‘SNL’ monologue historic

Apr. 1 | During the final minute of his eight-minute monologue, the Golden Globe-winning actor said the words, “Please free the people of Palestine, please.” In the fall, he announced that the proceeds from his comedy tour would benefit Anera, a charity providing humanitarian relief in Gaza.  Read the article.

The National

UAE fundraising drive provides over 1 million meals to Gaza during Ramadan

Mar. 23 | Event at Dubai World Trade Centre on Saturday aims to get more aid into the besieged enclave. Sean Carroll, president and CEO of Anera, said they have 450 people in Gaza, working to provide more than 100,000 hot meals a day cooked in kitchens. Read the article.

The National

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon face difficult Ramadan

Mar. 21 | Nada Maucourant Atallah speaks with Anera's Mohamed Kaddoura. An excerpt: “The border conflict has hit the labour market hard. Many refugees worked in border villages, as farmers or in construction, but heavy shelling now renders those areas inaccessible.” Read the article.

New York Times

Why Isn’t More Aid Getting to Gazans?

Mar. 20 | Amy Schoenfeld Walker spoke with Anera's Naser Qadous. “It’s very hard to reach all people. This is why there are many people that are starving.” Read the article.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Biden and Schumer are more pro-Israel than Netanyahu

Mar. 20 | Trudy Rubin writes about the killing of Anera staff member Mousa Shawwa in Gaza and speaks to Anera's Sean Carroll. Read the opinion piece.

ABC Australia

Why are so many aid workers being killed in Gaza?

Mar. 19 | Luke Siddham Dundon spoke with Anera's Sean Carroll and Save the Children's Alexandra Saieh about the extreme dangers facing humanitarian workers and civilians generally in Gaza. Listen to the segment.

Time Magazine

Ramy Youssef Is Tired of Apologizing

Mar. 19 | An excerpt: "The topical nature of his special is in keeping with how he shows up in public: Youssef is among several artists calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, and he has donated some proceeds of his standup tour to the Palestinian NGO Anera." Read the article. See also a piece in ABC Australia.


Palestinian business council in the UAE launches an initiative to collect donations for Gaza residents

Mar. 19 | The Palestinian Business Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates announced its support for Dubai Cares’ Ramadan campaign, Gaza in Our Hearts, to provide emergency relief to the residents of Gaza in cooperation with Anera. Read the article. (Arabic). See also reports in Gulf News, The National, MENAFN, and Viory.

Electronic Intifada

US charity demands probe into killing of Gaza aid worker

Mar. 18 | Maureen Clare Murphy writes about the killing of Anera's Mousa Shawwa. Read the article.

CBC News

Ship Carrying 200 Tonnes of Aid Spotted Off Gaza Coast As Palestinians Await Delivery

Mar. 15 | Hannah Thibedeau speaks with Anera's Sean Carroll. Watch the segment.

ABC News Live

Aid group CEO speaks on difficulty of getting humanitarian aid into Gaza

Mar. 15 | Anera's Sean Carroll speaks with Diane Macedo about the difficulty of getting humanitarian aid into Gaza. Watch the segment. Also on Good Morning America.

Washington Post

On Gaza aid, U.S. seeks complex workarounds to straightforward problem

Mar. 15 | Sammy Westfall quotes Anera's Sean Carroll from his recent New Yorker interview. An excerpt: “There is kind of a craziness to this: the U.S. is announcing the building of the pier in order to get more aid in, because we’re failing to get stuff in the land crossings, which already exist.” Read the article.

New Yorker

Why Biden’s Floating Pier Is Unlikely to Meet Gaza’s Needs

Mar. 14 | Isaac Chotiner spoke by phone with Anera's Sean Carroll, on why a temporary pier is likely to be insufficient to deliver sufficient aid, why the recent airdrops of food did not meet expectations, and how Anera’s staff in Gaza is providing food for starving families. Read the article.

Wall Street Journal

Diaper Prices Up 600%: Inflation, Cash Shortages Compound Pain in Gaza

Mar. 14 | Omar Abdel-Baqui and Abeer Ayyoub report on how Palestinians are draining savings and struggling to get cash to pay for the limited food and essentials available. Anera is quoted. Read the article.

National (UAE)

How to donate to Ramadan campaigns in UAE providing emergency relief to Gaza

Mar. 13 | Dubai Cares, in collaboration with Anera, is running the Gaza in Our Hearts campaign to deliver food and tents to the hungry and displaced in Gaza during the holy month, with UAE residents urged to contribute directly via SMS, online or by making a direct financial donation through bank deposit. Read the article.

New York Times

Why Are Aid Workers Getting Killed in Gaza?

Mar. 12 | Editorial board member Farah Stockman writes about the killing of Mousa Shawwa, a longtime Anera staff member. An excerpt: "Anera deserves answers, and without brave and resourceful aid workers like Shawwa, American aid will be undeliverable, stuck on a makeshift pier." Read the opinion piece.


Israel’s Limits On Aid For Gaza Make U.S. Military Support Illegal, Activists Argue

Mar. 12 | Akbar Shahid Ahmed writeup on a letter sent by a number of humanitarian and rights groups to President Joe Biden. The article notes that "U.S.-backed Israeli attacks have also killed multiple aid workers. On March 8, an Israeli airstrike killed Mousa Shawwa, an employee of the humanitarian group Anera, which signed on to the Tuesday letter to Biden." Read the story.

Mother Jones

“A Shimmering Stunt”: The Problem With US Airdrops of Food Into Gaza

Mar. 6 | Isabela Dias spoke to Dave Harden, a former USAID mission director to West Bank and Gaza and senior adviser to Barack Obama’s Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. An excerpt: "A very small NGO, Anera, does 150,000 meals a day. They do four times the amount of meals that the United States Air Force did, but every single day." Read the article.

Good Good Good

Glennon Doyle's nonprofit raised over $1M to provide aid to Palestinians in Gaza, Rafah

Mar. 6 | Article on the nonprofit Together Rising, which has utilized grassroots philanthropy to fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars for humanitarian relief to Gaza, delivered through their boots-on-the-ground partners Anera and Middle East Children’s Alliance. Read the article.

Times (UK)

Fight against famine: why aid is not getting into Gaza

Mar. 2 | Rachel Lavin and Venetia Menzies note that two thirds of international aid to Gaza is coming through five main charities, including Anera. Read the article.

CNN International

More than 100 civilians killed in Gaza while waiting for aid, Palestinian health ministry says

Feb. 29 | Julia Chatterley speaks to the president and CEO of Anera about the challenges of getting aid into Gaza. Watch the interview.

Gulf News

Dubai Cares launches ‘Gaza In Our Hearts’ Ramadan campaign

Feb. 28 | The organization is partnering with Anera in its fundraising drive to deliver meals, food baskets, fire-resistant and waterproof tents to civilians in Gaza. Read the article. Also covered by Government of Dubai and Dubai Eye.

Al Wattan

Bank of Palestine partners with and Anera and others to provide relief for the displaced in Gaza

Feb. 18 | The Bank of Palestine is partnering with Anera and others to aid thousands of displaced families in shelters in southern Gaza. Read the press release. (Arabic)

The Hill

Gaza’s health care crisis is horrifying — and getting worse

Feb. 17 | The health care crisis in Gaza is unthinkably grim, even by the standards of war-ravaged regions. Anera's Sean Carroll is quoted. Read the article.

The Tonight Show logo
The Tonight Show (Virgin Media)

Rafah Under Grave Threat

Feb. 12 | Anera's Sean Carroll joins a panel with host Claire Brock on the Irish television program The Tonight Show on February 12, 2024 to discuss the war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Watch the interview (segment runs from minute 23:25 to 36:45).

Palestine TV logo
Palestine TV

The Role of Community Organizations in Assisting Refugees

Feb. 12 | Anera's Naser Qadous, who manages our agricultural programs and has also been heavily involved in coordinating Anera's emergency response for Gaza, speaks with Palestine TV on February 12, 2024 about the response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Watch the interview. (Arabic)

Los Angeles Times

Opinion: U.S. tax dollars should be funding humanitarian relief work in Gaza, not destroying it

Jan. 30 | "By prioritizing an immediate cease-fire and the funding of aid for Gaza through humanitarian organizations, the Biden administration could stem further devastation and support a future for both Palestinians and Israelis based on human dignity." Read the full story.

KEYT News, Santa Barbara

Direct Relief’s humanitarian supply chain solid and separate from UNRWA

Jan. 29 | "This won't have any direct impact on our ability to get aid in," said Tony Morain, Direct Relief's Vice President of Communications. "We have been going through a different channel, working with Anera and Jordanian-based aid groups." Read the full story.

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Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh musicians show support for Palestinian refugees with benefit show at Spirit

Jan. 29 | Organizers are hosting a Gaza Benefit Show in Pittsburgh on Feb. 1, featuring five Pittsburgh music scene staples. Proceeds from the show at the Lawrenceville venue Spirit will go to Anera to aid refugees in the West Bank and Gaza impacted by the ongoing war. Read the full story.

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Vanity Fair

Ramy Youssef’s Big Year: Poor Things, The Bear, Taylor Swift, and More

Jan. 22 | Vanity Fair interviews comedian Ramy Youssef, including about his support for sending humanitarian relief into Gaza through Anera. Read the full story.

Huffington Post

Gaza Hospitals Overrun With Pregnant Women And Newborns — Despite U.S. Promises Of Aid

Jan. 18 | More than 100 days into the U.S.-backed Israeli offensive in Gaza, women in the besieged Palestinian enclave are giving birth in overcrowded shelters or tents, premature babies are dying without access to hospital incubators, and dire food shortages are leaving newborns malnourished. Read the full story.

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Roya News

39 planes, 188 trucks of aid sent from Jordan to Gaza, says JHCO

Jan. 18 | The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization has partnered with Anera and a number of UN agencies, international NGOs, private institutions and pharmaceutical companies to send planes and trucks of humanitarian supplies, including food, medical, shelter, and relief materials to the people of Gaza. Read the full story. The story was also picked up by Jordan News.

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The insider perspective on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Jan. 11 | Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar sits down with Mercy Corps' Arnaud Quemin, Anera's Saddam Sayyaleh, and Devex Managing Editor Anna Gawel to discuss the Gaza conflict and the top development stories from the past week. Listent to his interview.

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BBC World News

Gaza-run health ministry: 162 killed in past 24 hours

Jan. 5 | Sean Carroll talks with BBC World News about the challenges to delivering aid in Gaza amid the war and humanitarian crisis. Watch his interview.

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Voice Of Islam Radio (UK)

Israel-Gaza: unexpected global consequences

Jan. 3 | Saddam Sayyaleh speaks with the hosts of the Breakfast Show Podcast on the Voice Of Islam Radio. Listen to his interview (segment begins at 1:01:20).