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Fall 2023

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War in Gaza

In Gaza, there is a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding before the world's eyes.

Thank You, Anera Community

The miraculous work Anera’s team in Gaza is carrying out every day is fueled by the tremendous outpouring of solidarity and backing by our community.

Anera's Staff in Gaza Are Heroic

All of our Gaza staff and their families are among the displaced. They, like everyone in Gaza, are facing violence, stresses and scenarios that are unimaginable to most of us. They are also true heroes.

A family who lives in south Lebanon packs up to relocate to the north, as the danger of war looms.

Bracing for What’s Coming in Lebanon: A Nation on the Edge

by Samar El-Yassir, Lebanon Country Director

The war in Gaza has cast a heavy shadow over our hearts here in Lebanon. We find ourselves torn between the profound sorrow and anger we feel for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and the growing concern for Lebanon, a nation seemingly poised on the brink of war as well.

The Situation in Gaza

(as of October 27, 2023)

~60% of Gaza's population is DISPLACED

1.4 million people forced from their homes, with 590,000 sheltering in 150 UN schools. Israel issued orders that 1.1+ million residents of northern Gaza move to the south.

No electricity and almost no fuel

The electrical grid closed down almost immediately after the war started. Generators used as back-ups are stopping because no fuel is coming into Gaza.

All systems are shutting down

Without a source of power....

many hospitals have closed their doors or turned off life-saving equipment,

water supplies are down to 2-3 liters per person a day because it cannot be pumped or cleaned,

sewage treatment facilities cannot operate and are dumping waste into the sea,

Gaza's power plant can't provide electricity,

and desperately needed humanitarian relief can't get to displaced families.

Gaza Displacement Info Graphic_Fall_2023_Newsletter

Organized and packaged food items in Gaza to be distributed to displaced Palestinian families on 10/20/23.

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