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Gaza has suffered from the combined effects of a crippling blockade and three wars since 2007, leaving most families impoverished and isolated from the rest of the world. ANERA’s ongoing programs help people in Gaza address some of their immediate and long-term needs.

ANERA has been working in Gaza for over 40 years. Our staff are from the communities they serve and include engineers, pharmacists, educators and agricultural specialists. They experience the crisis in Gaza first hand and know the problems people face because they often face them too.

What happens when you donate to Gaza

Despite these challenges, you can help people in Gaza lead dignified lives. Many of our donors have become part of the ANERA community because they want to help Gaza. Individual gifts and institutional donations go a long way to change lives. Here are some of the programs you are making possible when you donate to help Gaza.

ANERA is one of the few Gaza aid and relief organizations that can consistently and reliably bring in much needed supplies, like medicine, food and clothes. To learn more about why, read our Gaza FAQs.

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