Anera’s Healthcare and Medical Aid Efforts in Gaza Amid War

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The healthcare system in Gaza has long faced numerous challenges due to political instability, economic hardships and ongoing conflict. Even before the recent war that began on October 7, 2023, the system was already under tremendous strain. The blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt since 2007 had severely restricted the import of medical supplies and equipment, leading to chronic shortages. Now, with the current war, medical supplies are scarce and badly needed, and healthcare centers have been decimated by bombs and violence – all hampering the delivery of essential services

Anera’s mother and child health clinic, southern Gaza.

Anera and our community of supporters have been crucial in addressing these challenges by providing much-needed medical aid and healthcare services in Gaza. The organization has a long history of supporting health initiatives in the region, focusing on delivering essential medical supplies, supporting healthcare facilities and implementing health education programs. The ongoing war in Gaza has only intensified the need for our healthcare interventions.

Anera’s Healthcare Response to the Current War on Gaza

Since the outbreak of the war on October 7, we have ramped up our efforts to support Gaza’s decimated healthcare system. Our response has been multifaceted, addressing both immediate medical needs and longer-term healthcare challenges exacerbated by the war.

Medical Aid and Supplies

One critical aspect of our response has been providing medicines, medical supplies, equipment, and hygiene-related products. Given the severe shortages in Gaza, we have worked diligently to procure and distribute essential items like antibiotics, pain relievers, surgical supplies and items necessary for treating trauma and emergency cases. With the significant number of casualties, Gaza’s hospitals and clinics are under enormous pressure, and our supplies help ensure they can continue to operate and provide care to the injured and ill.

Non-communicable Disease (NCD) Clinics

As part of our healthcare response, we operate mobile NCD clinics that serve displaced families. These clinics offer a range of essential services, including general diagnoses, free medicine and medical supplies, screening for hypertension and blood sugar levels, chronic disease management and other general medical services. This initiative ensures that vulnerable populations receive the medical attention they need amidst extremely challenging conditions.

Wound Management Clinics

Amidst the ongoing war, our mobile wound management clinics play a crucial role in providing essential care to displaced families. Anera’s clinics offer vital services including wound cleaning, dressing changes, treatment for fractures, sutures, pain management and basic antibiotics to prevent infections. We also provide follow-up care and conduct minor outpatient surgeries, ensuring comprehensive medical support for those affected by war-related injuries.

Mother and Child Health Clinics

These specialized clinics provide comprehensive healthcare services tailored to the needs of mothers and children. Services include pediatric consultations with specialized care from a pediatrician, general medical check-ups, obstetric and gynecological consultations for pregnant women, nutritional counseling sessions and engaging recreational activities for children.

Mental Health Support

Our healthcare efforts extend beyond just providing medicine and medical supplies. We have implemented programs aimed at supporting the mental health and well-being of the affected population. This includes psychosocial support activities for children who are among the most vulnerable during times of conflict. For instance, drawing activities in camps help children express their emotions and cope with the trauma of living through a conflict. Our psychosocial activities also extend to mothers and other caregivers.

Nutritional Support

Amid starvation and hunger across Gaza, our efforts remain crucial. We are dedicated to supporting displaced individuals and besieged communities through vital food aid initiatives, which include providing hot meals, distributing fresh produce sourced from our network of Gaza farmers, offering high-energy biscuits and clean drinking water, and distributing essential food parcels and ready-to-eat meals. These life-saving endeavors are essential in addressing food insecurity and ensuring that critical nutrition reaches those facing dire circumstances in Gaza.

Thank you to our Institutional Donors

Our strong collaboration with many institutional donors has been particularly impactful. Their support has been instrumental in funding the procurement of vegetable baskets from local farmers, the production of hot meals and acquiring medicines and medical supplies. These partnerships have enabled us to maintain a steady supply of essential items to healthcare facilities, crucial for sustaining medical services during the war.

Supporting our healthcare work in Gaza are – among others – Americares, AstraZeneca, Choose Love, Direct Relief, Gaza Mental Health Foundation, Global Empowerment Mission, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Humanity First UK, Humanity First USA, International Relief Teams, International Rescue Committee, Islamic Relief USA, Macquarie Group Foundation, Malala Fund, Muslim Aid USA, Muslim Response USA, Pfizer Foundation, Together Rising, United Methodist Committee on Relief, UNOCHA, World Central Kitchen, and thousands of individual donors from 142 countries.

Continued Healthcare Challenges in Gaza and Your Support

Despite our extensive efforts, the challenges remain immense. The ongoing blockage of vital humanitarian aid, coupled with the damage inflicted by the conflict, means that Gaza’s healthcare system will continue to face severe constraints. The international community’s support is critical in sustaining and expanding our efforts.

Supporting these healthcare initiatives is vital for the people of Gaza. The ongoing war, coupled with long-standing economic and political challenges, has created a humanitarian catastrophe that requires immediate and sustained intervention. Your donations can make a significant impact by helping us provide essential medical care, support mental health programs, and address critical nutritional needs. By contributing to Anera’s efforts, you are not only helping to save lives in the short term but also investing in the long-term resilience of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Your generosity is a lifeline for those in need.



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