A Sustainable Response to COVID-19 in Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugee Camps

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Anera’s staff in Lebanon are making their communities better during COVID-19 with sustainable solutions.



We will update this log regularly to provide an ongoing report back to donors on the ways Anera is responding during this COVID-19 crisis. We will also be providing occasional updates about conditions on the ground and our staff. Please…

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GAZA LEBANON Every year during Ramadan, Anera assembles food parcels with an array of pantry essentials for hungry families in Gaza and Lebanon. This year, due to the economic distress caused by COVID-19, our food parcels were even more important….

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What does it take to put together a sustainable food parcel in Gaza? Anera’s Rania Elhelo explains the process — from the greenhouse, the warehouse and to Palestinian families’ homes. Anera’s food parcels provide Palestinian families enough food for a…

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