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Dr. Charlotte Brown died at the age of 100 on February 4, 2021. Her death was preceded by her husband’s, Dr. David Brown, on May 18, 2018. Both were long-serving, dedicated supporters of Anera.

The Doctors Brown were an amazing and inspiring couple, married for 74 years, who lived rich lives full of meaningful work and activities.

Both were born in 1920, Charlotte in Pittsburgh and David in Chicago. They also both went on to medical school at Cornell. Charlotte was one of only two women in her class. The couple met there and got married in the 1940s. From there they went on to have long medical careers in Connecticut and abroad.

The Browns were philanthropists and adventurers. They – frequently with their children – volunteered their medical services in Haiti and countries across Africa and the Middle East.

David Brown

From Charlotte’s obituary: “Charlotte saw the best in everyone and opened her heart to people wherever she was. She never hesitated to speak up for the powerless and less fortunate and she held fiercely to a vision for a more peaceful and just world. Charlotte was always game for the next adventure. She loved to speak French, travel the world, figure skate, kayak, bicycle, sail, sculpt, host wonderful parties, and tell stories. Remembered for her boldness, generosity, compassion, quick wit, candor, fun, and boundless energy.”

From David’s obituary: “He was an ‘old fashioned’ doctor who made house calls and was on-call 24/7, providing his patients with keen diagnostic skills, a caring ear and lasting friendship. He was a talented craftsman, gardener, sailor, tennis player, ice skater, musician and outdoors man who reveled in the natural world. With endless vigor he could tend to patients, plant his garden, build stone walls and fine furniture, write poetry and even make time to practice the violin. He approached all challenges with enthusiasm, quiet patience and a memorable sense of humor.

The Browns were cherished members of the Anera family. They participated in Anera’s health committee for many years, offering valuable support and advice as we built up robust health programs across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. They were also long-time donors and, in 1999, went on a trip to the Middle East to visit Anera-supported clinics and hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza. On that same trip, the Browns delivered violins, violas and a cello that they collected for Rawdat El Zuhur, a school Anera supported in Jerusalem.

Anera mourns the loss of two beautiful people, who made the world a better place with their endless enthusiasm for living life to the fullest and for giving back to those less fortunate. We feel privileged to have known them and to have benefitted from their wisdom and support over the years.



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