Anera was formed in 1968 to respond to the needs of Palestinian refugees. Ever since we have been working on the ground with partners in the West Bank and Gaza to deliver sustainable, long-term health, education, and economic development programs to vulnerable Palestinian communities.

Across Palestine, occupation and blockade limit Palestinian economic development and trade. With your support, Anera delivers resources to support small farmers, improve access to education, support livelihoods, and enhance water and sanitation services.

How to Help Palestine

With your support, Anera helps Palestinian communities access educational opportunities, clean water, employment and community infrastructure. Your contribution will help Anera work directly with Palestinian communities to bring long-lasting and meaningful change. Learn more about the use of your gift by visiting our FAQ page, then donate today to improve lives in Palestine.

Our Latest Stories from Palestine

Anera's PCID built infrastructure in all regions of Palestine.

Current State of the West Bank

2.9 Million

live in the West Bank

Checkpoints and walls isolate Palestinians and restrict their movement.

A, B, C

administrative areas

The Oslo Agreement created 3 areas defining Palestinian and Israeli control.


literacy rate

But only 73% of schools in Palestine have a science lab.