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West Bank

In 1968, a group of concerned Americans and U.S. charities created ANERA. Their mission: to get relief to Palestinians in the West Bank displaced by the 1967 War. In the decades since, as walls and checkpoints throughout the West Bank cripple the economy and make land and water harder for Palestinians to access, ANERA’s supporters have been dedicated to giving families the tools they need to improve their lives.

With your support, ANERA helps farmers to make smart use of scarce resources and to get their goods to consumers. We install water networks that bring water to families’ homes and capture precious rainwater. We build and upgrade schools, hospitals and community centers. We work with charitable clinics to make sure they have the supplies they need to give their patients the best care possible. We lead the way in improving preschool education so children have every chance to grow and develop their minds.

Together, we are creating jobs and delivering projects that bring long-lasting and meaningful changes to West Bank communities.

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