Food for Families in Gaza — Rania at the Supermarket | Vouchers vs. Parcels

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Anera’s Rania Elhelo is at the grocery store in central Gaza and wants us to know why this year’s Ramadan campaign for food vouchers instead of food parcels makes such a huge difference for Palestinian families. ⁣

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We will continue to update this page to reflect the latest on the situation. Help provide emergency support in Palestine Anera is deeply concerned about the escalating attacks and loss of life in Jerusalem, Gaza and throughout Palestine and Israel,…

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On Monday night, we began hearing explosions in Gaza. This was the start of the missile attacks that have lasted through the week. Just the day before – luckily! – we finished distributing six pallets of medicines to 14 hospitals….

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What we are hearing from our colleagues in Palestine living through the current crisis. Updated on an ongoing basis. May 14 “Another terrifying night without electricity. The situation is unbearable. There is news that the power will completely disappear. Pray…

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